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Area 1 Horizon dives deep into 240 million emails and identified the TOP 3 phishing threats existing solutions missed. Get the detailed report now.

Top Phishing Attack Types

This report provides visibility into the biggest threats that SEGs miss, and why the Area 1 Horizon service is more effective at catching phishing attacks. The report dives deep into Area 1 detection data for a subset of customers that deploys Area 1 as their critical security layer to detect and stop phish.

Customers often deploy Area 1 Horizon™ anti-phishing service behind secure email gateways (SEGs), such as Proofpoint, Mimecast, Cisco Ironport, or Symantec, to catch phishing email missed by existing defenses.


Email Deployment as INLINE Post SEG

Innovative Techniques Catch More Phish

Over a three-month period, the Area 1 service analyzed over 240 million emails for these customers and caught nearly 100,000 phishing emails missed by their SEGs.

For a typical company with 10,000 employee inboxes, that equates to over 3,100 phishing emails missed every week by SEGs and stopped by Area 1. These emails would otherwise land in employee inboxes, bringing credential harvesting, malware, ransomware and other attacks that tie up security team resources investigating and remediating incidents. And, even worse, are the root cause of over 90 percent of cyber breaches responsible for catastrophic financial loss, data theft, and brand damage.

The Details Will Surprise You

To learn more about today’s most evasive phishing attacks and how Area 1 Horizon detects the threats that other defenses miss, download your free copy of our report today.