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In a few minutes, you will receive an email containing an address you will use to forward email messages to Area 1.  You can set-up either a journaling or Bcc email transport rule for Area 1 to process and begin finding email phish. In as little as a few clicks and a copy paste of the forwarding address, your setup will be complete.

Microsoft O365

Journaling: Use the address from the email to setup a O365 journaling rule. Click Here to download the full guide.



Journaling: Use the address from the email to setup a gmail journaling rule. Gmail’s Journaling guide

Steps for Gmail Bcc Setup:

  1. In your email administrative settings- Add and name the “Content Compliance” filter: Area​ ​1​ ​POV​ ​BCC​ ​Test
  2. Select “Inbound” for messages to affect
  3. Add the recipients that will have their messages Bcc’d to Area 1
  4. In the “If the above expressions match, do the following” section, configure the “Also deliver to” action by checking the configuration box.
  5. Click “ADD SETTING” to save rule, and click SAVE again to commit

Download the full Gmail Bcc setup guide

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