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The trend is clear: cybersecurity attacks and technology are changing and will continue to evolve. Attacks today, more than ever, are going after your supply chain, your inboxes, and your organization. Meet with an Area 1 Security technical expert for insights on protecting your organization.

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“Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Email Security (ID: G00722358) recommends security and risk management professionals: “Address gaps in the advanced threat defense capabilities of an incumbent secure email gateway (SEG).” and also “Invest in anti-phishing technology that can accurately detect BEC and account takeover attacks.”

How can we help?
Technology and cyber-attack methods are evolving. That’s why having a technical consultation is critical to finding the right strategy that fits and identifying the right solution that aligns with industry best practices. Interested in learning more about Area 1 products? Or about security in general? Meet with an Area 1 Security product, architect, or engineering expert.

No sales, no marketing, just the experts and pure technology. Feel free to invite your team or colleagues to the meeting as well—the more, the merrier.

To meet with a Tech Expert:

  • Step 1: Select a time and date on the calendly link.

  • Step 2: Attend the Zoom meeting and ask your questions.

You can choose to consult on just about anything top of your mind related to Email Security, Phishing, or the current threat landscape. Here are just a few potential Tech Consult topics to consider:

  • Current threat trends, actor techniques, and attacks being seen
  • Insight into side-channel, vendor compromised or insider compromised attacks
  • Example BEC & Ransomware attacks and malicious phish being missed
  • Optimizing SOC workflows for end-user submissions, triage, and remediations
  • Ensuring an ‘Always-On’ Email service with business continuity

View our technical experts:

Blake Darche Blake Darché CoFounder and CSO
Dom-Yip Dom Yip Director, Sales Engineering
Ilanit Rimon Ilanit Rimon Director, Customer Success
Kevin Wilson Kevin Wilson Senior Product Manager
Paul East Paul East Vice President of Engineering
Phil Syme Phil Syme CoFounder and CTO
Scott Harris Scott Harris Senior Sales Engineer
Scott Harris Todd Murray Senior Sales Engineer

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