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Coronavirus Phishing Attacks: Security Advisory

Threat actors are successfully deploying next-generation COVID-19 phishing attacks that get past traditional email defenses.

Read the COVID-19 Phishing Attacks Security Bulletin now to learn:

  • Specific TTPs behind COVID-19 phishing campaigns
  • How these campaigns bypass cloud email suites, SEG, DMARC, SPF and DKIM
  • How to close COVID-19 phishing security gaps
  • Other steps to protect your users and corporate systems
Targeted COVID-19 Protection for Customers

Area 1 has published a variety of new models leveraging COVID-19 as the primary theme, such as impersonation of local, state and healthcare authorities, and impersonation of remote working tools (e.g.: Zoom, WebEx etc.). Additionally, Area 1 sensors have been updated to proactively look for campaign infrastructure related to COVID-19 phish. In order to better protect our customers, we are providing  the following offers:

  • Complimentary Partner Protection: Attackers are increasingly leveraging third- party partners to breach organizations. Recognizing that the current environment makes small partner organizations more vulnerable, Area 1 has doubled the ability for Enterprise customers to offer the Area 1 service to their small business partners on a complimentary basis; from 10 partners to 20 partners. This will be available until June 30, 2021. For more details, please reach out to your designated Technical Account Manager.

  • Complimentary Web Phish Protection:
    With the increased focus on remote working, we expect organizations to be increasingly targeted through their employees that are logging into system remotely. In order to provide the highest levels of protection, Area 1 will waive any Pay-per-Phish fees for phish that are detected through remote Web browsing. This benefit will be automatically available for all customers through June 30, 2021. For more details, please reach out to your designated Technical Account Manager.


On-Demand Webinar: Coronavirus Phishing Threat Intelligence

Don’t let employees, partners or suppliers fall victim to data theft, rogue financial transactions and other phishing damages caused by COVID-19 phishing.

Watch this free, on-demand security briefing from Area 1’s lead threat researcher, to help you:

  • Identify the characteristics of COVID-19 phishing attacks
  • Understand how these email- and web-based attacks can be blocked preemptively, before they cause harm
  • Develop a strategy that makes your SOC team more efficient during this crisis



Standing Together, Standing Strong in the COVID-19 Era

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation for both personal health and business impacts, and using three guiding principles as we move forward with our mission:

  • Keep employees, families and loved ones safe;
  • Protect and serve Area 1 customers with the highest standards; and
  • Do our part to slow community spread of the virus and participate in any efforts to help mitigate and control spread.

Learn about the steps we are taking to protect organizations and to provide the highest level of service at all times, here.


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[Area 1’s] cost model turns implementation into low risk. We installed it behind our existing spam/phish filter with the understanding we would only pay for what our other systems miss. Since there is no long term lock in, it allowed us to test out this new service with very little risk.

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