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Business Risks

Digital business initiatives are key to competitiveness and growth, yet they come with security risks. Managing those risks requires a balance of enabling the business while protecting it from cyber threats that sabotage success. Phishing attacks continue to be the most effective weapon in an attacker’s arsenal, accounting for 95 percent of breaches, and causing both data and financial loss. These phishing attacks pose the greatest security risk to your business.

Data breaches, caused by hackers penetrating your infrastructure and collecting information, cause significant business harm. Theft of customer or personnel data such as credit card information, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or Personal Health Information (PHI), can leave you vulnerable to expensive legal and regulatory compliance issues. Theft of proprietary information can compromise a company’s competitiveness and reputation. Incident response analysis of data breaches usually concludes that they start with a phishing attack.

Risk is not limited to costs and damages of data breaches alone. Businesses suffer significant losses from cyberattacks that breach corporate and customer bank accounts. In some cases, hackers steal credit card numbers to sell or use to access funds. In other cases, personnel are lured to transfer money to imposters posing as suppliers or business associates. Overwhelmingly, these costly breaches originate with phishing.

Put an End to These Cyberthreats

Business Email Compromise (BEC), whaling, ransomware, and watering holes are all forms of phishing. They lure users into opening emails, clicking on links, downloading files, transferring money or data, and entering information such as passwords into malicious websites.

Ransomware Protection

Current security solutions miss phish delivering ransomware. But we protect your data by preemptively detecting phish and blocking attacks.