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Benefits of swiching to Area 1 over legacy SEG solutions such as Proofpoint, Cisco, Symantec, and FireEye include:



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SEGs are redundant in the remote work era. Here’s why enterprise organizations select Area 1 to protect their Office 365 and Gmail users, instead of a SEG:



We Stop Phishing.


They’re my last line of defense and they catch everything. They're responsive to feedback and updating their product.

Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Manufacturer

Area 1 is an outstanding company with an incredible product. My organization has used this product for 5+ years with no downtime whatsoever. Furthermore, it has prevented dangerous phishing attacks and email-based malware propagation in our organization.

Services Industry

I can now be comfortable that all emails are in fact legitimate and aren't potentially harmful. They help me run my business with confidence.

Genero Search Group
Detect. Disrupt. Defeat.

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