By: Area 1 Security

At this very moment, targeted phish attacks are launching—with your organization in their sights. When they arrive, your security infrastructure will fail to stop them, and they will breach your organization.

Targeted phish may be just one percent of all traffic, but they do 100 percent of the harm. They slip past legacy solutions like email gateways and sail through spam filters to land in inboxes. They lure even trained employees to click on a malicious web link or, with BEC, to send hackers confidential data or corporate funds. Right now, you can close that gap and gain a comprehensive, phish-proof infrastructure with Pay-Per-Phish.

Area 1’s Pay-Per-Phish means we detect phish—or you pay nothing: the only accountable anti-phishing protection in the industry. You only pay for the malicious phish we catch. With no upfront term or dollar commitments, you get immediate protection against the most egregious attacks breaching current defenses.