Targeted phishing remains the number one cyber-attack vector, contributing to over 95% of successful breaches and threatening the over-all security posture of organizations worldwide. Focused on the earliest stages of phishing campaigns, Area 1’s unique anti-phishing service integrates with Symantec’s Blue Coat ProxySG to provide advanced visibility and protection from phishing websites and attacks. As security teams deal with the sophisticated and focused nature of targeted phishing, the need for greater visibility into these threats and the ability to take action against them at the earliest stages of an attack cycle becomes critical.

The combined ProxySG and Area 1 Horizon solution enables security teams to:

  • Pre-empt an additional range of targeted attacks such as advanced phishing, ransomware and socially engineered threats.
  • View actionable intelligence with deep context into threat origins, vector, type and targets.
  • Auto-update focused and pre-emptive attack indicators for the most damaging threats, extending beyond well known, volume based, or easily identified commodity attacks.
  • Deploy Area 1’s transparent cloud-based service with no change to existing security infrastructure.
  • Augment your edge security while leveraging current workflow and operational processes
    established through your existing Blue Coat deployments.