G Suite is simplifying business communication and collaboration across the globe, but unfortunately, business communication continues to be the target of relentless global cyberattacks, overwhelmingly delivered by phishing emails. Gmail phishing attacks sneak past Gmail defenses to land in user inboxes, bringing countless threats. Customers who believe that traditional email filters and rules protect them from phish learn the hard way that this isn’t true. Unlike email threats such as spam and viruses, phish are engineered to present a low-volume attack profile that doesn’t appear on even the best email filter’s “radar.”

Area 1 Security closes the phishing gap with a preemptive, comprehensive, and accountable defense against the socially engineered phish that sneak past Gmail defenses. Area 1 Security integrates quickly and smoothly to work with G Suite’s email security features like anti-spam, DLP, encryption, and archiving. Fortified with Area 1 Security’s anti-phish capabilities, Gmail can now detect and block phishing attacks to provide complete, real-time, and effective protection.

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