By: Area 1 Security

What can be done to better protect organizations and individuals from phishing attacks that start with fake email?

The unfortunate truth is that email technology was not initially designed to be secure. Hackers use many techniques to send imposter email and trick end users. In response, email security technology has evolved over the years to add sender authentication features meant to protect recipients from fake email. While this helps, it’s clear from the headlines that fake email continues to bypass email authentication defenses and in fact, the entire security infrastructure.

How to Stop Phishing Attacks

Area 1 Security is a pioneer in hunting for and disabling phishing campaigns before they go live. The Area 1 Horizon™ anti-phishing service stops phishing attacks that other security technologies miss. This cloud-based service adds a layer of security that deploys in minutes at no upfront cost. You pay only when we catch malicious phish. You pay only if we catch malicious phish. Customers confirm that the Area 1 Horizon service protects them from phishing attacks that traditional defenses miss.

In the first couple of months after deployment, a Fortune 500 consumer products company found that Area 1 Horizon stopped over 150,000 phishing attempts missed by its traditional security defenses.

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