By: Area 1 Security

Area 1 Horizon anti-phishing service detects and blocks phishing attacks and when integrated with a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, customers can accelerate SIEM phishing detection and incident response through their existing SIEM.

The threat that most often breaches defenses is the phishing attack. One of the biggest challenges for security teams and is to quickly and effectively detect these attacks, and then efficiently investigate and respond to prevent damage. Security teams that integrate the Area 1 Horizon anti-phishing service into their SIEM platform can more effectively protect from advanced threats.

Watch this webinar and learn how customers that integrate Area 1’s pre-emptive anti-phishing service with their SIEM platform can:

  • Get deep insight and visibility into phish detected and blocked by the Area 1 service
  • Quickly and effectively uncover related advanced threat activity organization-wide
  • More efficiently investigate and respond to incidents
  • Provide visibility into threat actor behavior and trends
  • Facilitate and customize threat reporting