By: Area 1 Security

At Area 1 Security, we stop phishing attacks. But more than that, we stop phishing attacks for everyone and offer comprehensive phishing protection deployed in minutes. Our solution lives in the cloud, which means there is no expensive hardware to be implemented, no “tear-outs” of existing infrastructure, and no need to hire an additional resource to manage our products.

Area 1 Horizon seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. Our anti-phishing service seamlessly plugs into the security edge devices you already own, working with your current email solutions in the cloud or on-prem. We have worked hard to create a solution for everyone — a solution that is integrated, scalable, and easy to use.

Stop phishing attacks – the source of ransomware, BEC, and ultimately more than 95% of data breaches – without tearing out your old solutions. Dominic Yip, Sales Engineering Director, explains how you can deploy Area 1 Horizon in minutes to stop phishing attacks outside of your network.