By: Area 1 Security

Sandbox technology is a favorite tool for security researchers, enabling them to analyze files and detect malware. But is it effective at actually stopping phishing attacks without slowing down business productivity?

Phishing attacks, the cause of 95 percent of data breaches, often start with an email file attachment that’s hiding malware or a malicious link that downloads malware. The unsuspecting victim opens the file attachment or clicks the malicious link, and unknowingly downloads that malicious code directly into their system.

The consequences are often severe, providing hackers the entry they need to crash systems, steal data, or infect an organization’s network infrastructure, backend systems, or data and carry out their malicious intent.

Watch this webinar to learn:

How Sandboxes Detect Malware Phish

Techniques Hackers Use to Evade Sandboxes

A Better Way To Defeat Phish


At Area 1 Security, we believe that effective cybersecurity also starts with early visibility. Our technology crawls the web, continuously and proactively discovering phishing campaigns and infrastructure before attacks launch. On average, Area 1 Security detects malicious sites and payloads a full 24 days before other industry defenses.

The Area 1 Horizon™ anti-phishing service is locked and loaded with preemptive threat insight that allows us to detect and stop email, web, and network phishing attacks effectively that other security technologies, including sandboxes, miss so that your business is protected.