By: Area 1 Security

If all of the email systems in the world shut down tomorrow, would phishing attacks stop? Nope.

Why? The phishing attack vectors hackers use to execute phishing campaigns aren’t limited to only email traffic. So defense strategies that focus on protecting just email will miss phishing activity on other attack vectors. For best protection, your security strategy needs a unified approach to protect you from phishing activity across all common attack vectors, including email, web, and network.

Join this webinar and learn:

o  Attack vectors hackers exploit to execute phishing campaigns

o  How phish bypass security infrastructure

o  Strategies to fortify defenses and stop phishing attacks

At Area 1 Security, we believe that effective cybersecurity also starts with early visibility. Our technology crawls the web, continuously and proactively discovering phishing campaigns and infrastructure before attacks launch. On average, Area 1 Security detects malicious sites and payloads a full 24 days before other industry defenses.

The Area 1 Horizon™ is a cloud-based anti-phishing service that stops email, web, and network phishing attacks that other security technologies miss. The service is easy to deploy and integrates with existing email, web, and network security infrastructure to provide an added layer of anti-phishing protection that effectively stops attacks. The service also easily integrates with security orchestration tools, providing phishing detection and ruleset updates to facilitate efficient incident response and visibility to phishing activity.