By. Area 1 Security

Area 1 Security dives deep into an interesting Phish and how it was caught.

This week, we take a look at a Netflix Phish.

This attack is particularly well designed where the attacker attempts to collect your personal data through a convincing well-crafted phish and credential harvester. We’ll review the phish, the credential harvester, and expose the details of this campaign.

Week 1: Credential Harvester

Week 2: Support Email Spoof

Week 3: Business Email Compromise

Week 4: Credential Harvester Past SEG

Week 5: Fear Ransom Phish

Week 6: IRS Impersonation Phish

Week 7: Advanced Credential Harvesting Phish

Week 8: Order Confirmation Phish.

Week 9: Phishing Campaign

Week 10: Missed Voicemail Phish

Week 11: BEC Phish

Week 12: Business Email Compromise

Week 13: Netflix Phish

Week 14: Office 365 Phish