Moving to the cloud brings organizations greater productivity, but many experience a menacing security gap — phishing email that evades defenses — threatening data breach, financial loss, and brand damage. While Office 365 delivers good baseline functionality in addressing high volume email threats such as spam and viruses, it doesn’t protect users effectively from the low-volume but lethal phishing attacks that cause 95 percent of serious harm. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) improves coverage but still routinely misses phish. This gap in protection leaves organizations at substantial risk of a catastrophic breach.

Area 1 Security closes the phishing gap with a preemptive, comprehensive, and accountable defense against the socially engineered phish that sneak past Office 365. Area 1 Security integrates quickly and smoothly to work with Office 365’s email security features like anti-spam, DLP, encryption, and archiving. Fortified with Area 1 Security’s anti-phish capabilities, Office 365 can now detect and block phishing attacks to provide complete, real-time, and effective protection.