Phishing attacks, the cause of 95 percent of cybersecurity-related data breaches and financial loss, continue to evade security defenses. Detecting and protecting from these attacks is complicated by the fact that phishing occurs across multiple attack vectors, including email, web, and network traffic. Further complicating defense, these attacks are dynamic, hackers often launch and shut down phishing sites and payloads in a matter of hours to evade detection.

To protect from phishing attacks, cybersecurity solutions need early insight into phishing sites. Fortifying defenses with security technology that hunts for malicious sites before attacks launch, during the weeks and months hackers are establishing or compromising websites in preparation of launching an attack, can provide the early visibility and threat indicators necessary to protect from impending attacks.

Area 1 Security offers an anti-phishing cloud service that stops email, web, and network phishing attacks that other security technologies miss.

The Area 1 service integrates with Palo Alto Network firewalls to fortify defenses and close the phishing security gap. The combined solution:

  • Protects across all attack vectors – network, web and email traffic
  • Stops web-based phishing such as credential harvest and dropper attacks
  • Thwarts network phishing activity including attacker lateral movement, command and control traffic and data exfiltration
  • Auto-updates Mindmeld to facilitate security orchestration