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A leading S&P 100 (and Fortune 500) consumer goods company initially relied on Gmail and other web technologies to protect its employees worldwide from phishing attacks.

However, the company recognized the need to address rising Business Email Compromise (BEC) and other targeted phishing attacks, and wanted to spend less time “tuning” their existing gateways — so they turned to Area 1 for help.

To stop the phishing attacks (and spend less time “tuning”), the company deployed Area 1 with its Gmail service.

For example, among tens of thousands of examples, Area 1 successfully blocked a BEC message sent to the CFO – that appeared to be from the CEO – fraudulently requesting a transfer of funds.

Learn how this S&P 100 company has benefited from Area 1 Security, here.


In just one year, Area 1 blocked 8 million email- and web-based phishing attacks (including BEC, credential harvesting, malicious attachments and others) against this Fortune 500 company.

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