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Missed Phish Assessment

In just a few days, Area 1 Security will deliver a report to your inbox of all of the missed phish and detections that have made it to users inboxes. You’ll receive a free customized report to share within your organization to help you better understand your phishing risk as well as what your existing tools are missing.

Advanced Anti-Phishing Insights

Immediately identify business email compromise (BEC), credential harvesters, ransomware, malicious attachments, malicious links and much more.

Intelligence That’s Ahead of the Attackers

Area 1’s lightning-fast web crawler proactively and continuously hunts for phishing sites, payloads, and infrastructure, delivering an advantage of more than 24 days ahead of competing solutions. We then preemptively classify attacks so you can see in real-time what phish is getting through

Pay for Performance

With our Pay-Per-Phish payment model, customers only pay for the malicious phish that are missed. Accountable, performance-based detection, with no upfront cost and the option to cancel at any time. No risk. No brainer.


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