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Unremarkable Truths Revealed About Cyber Campaigns

In this recent Security Research Report, read how Chinese espionage starts with phishing.


Diplomatic Communications.

Arguably a sovereign-state’s most sensitive, and protected information. However, just as threat actors target businesses and organizations, breaching networks to steal data and intellectual property with alarming success, so too are heavily secured government diplomatic communications targeted and successfully breached.

This report details how Chinese state-sponsored threat actors used unremarkable but effective cyber campaigns to breach European Union diplomatic communications. At the heart of this series of attacks are three key truths:

  • 9 out of 10 cyber breaches start with a phishing attack.
  • Cyber attacks use creativity and persistence to gain user trust and penetrate target networks. The attacks themselves are not technically sophisticated, but consistently reuse methods and malware, similar to an assembly line.
  • Threat actors look for the weakest link in the digital chain to gain entry to their target.