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Campaign Targeting Ukranian Oil & Gas Company Designed to Infiltrate Employees’ and Partners’ Accounts

Area 1 has identified ongoing phishing campaigns targeting Burisma Holdings – a Ukrainian oil & gas company that has been the recent subject of U.S. news headlines.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Army (GRU) – a threat actor that Area 1 has tracked for several years  launched targeted campaigns to gain the account credentials of Burisma Holdings’ employees, subsidiaries and partners.

Read the “Phishing Burisma Holdings” brief to learn:

  • Why any organization and its supply chain partners can be a target of phishing attacks through simple means

  • How the authenticity of phishing campaigns such as the GRU’s drive success

  • The core elements of phishing campaign authenticity that can lead to giving threat actors unauthorized access to internal systems and data

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