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Don’t Fall into the Protection Gap

Big or small, you are susceptible. Despite your investments in current defenses, phishing breaches persist. Area 1 Security protects your organization from targeted attacks, which sneak by your existing infrastructure.

Eliminate Targeted Phishing

Sophisticated phishing campaigns assault businesses across all vectors: email, web, and network, resulting in theft of intellectual property, data loss, financial damage, brand erosion, and ongoing harm to the brand. Existing defenses have failed to eliminate phishing because they are:

  • Focused on general email spam or web compliance
  • Reactive and unable to identify small but key patterns
  • Siloed on individual delivery methods and not comprehensive
  • Focused on awareness rather than decisive deterrent action
  • Built-in cloud security only removes spam

We won’t ask you to start over when it comes to securing your organization. We’ll provide you with phishing security to make what you already have better. There is no expensive hardware to be deployed, no “tear outs” of existing infrastructure, and no need to hire additional resources.

With Area 1 Security, you’re fully covered.