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Then, with minimal setup (<60 minutes), our cybersecurity experts will deploy our anti-phishing solution. No messy rip-or-replace or email flow disruption. Just stop phish for free, for 14 days.

See the number and types of phishing attacks that your defenses miss

Get a customized report outlining the number and types of phishing attacks over a 2-week period that your defenses miss – but that we stop.

Pay only for the phish we catch, that your other defenses miss:
    • Business Email Compromise

    • Credential harvesting

    • Compromised account-based attacks

    • Spear phishing

    • Malware, ransomware and more

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Area 1 processes and secures nearly 4.5 billion messages and web sessions annually, and has stopped over 20 million phishing attacks that were previously undetected within customer environments.  


Here’s what customers say about Area 1:


“Area 1 Security has been accountable to us as a partner, meaning that they take a lot of ownership and they take a lot of heart into what we’re doing as a company.” 

Zack Moody, Global Head of Cybersecurity & Privacy AVX

“This has been an amazing product for me and my company. Installation took less than a half-hour. It has completely stopped phishing attacks.” 

CTO Services Industry
Our Pay-per-Phish program: Flexible Deployment Options
Our Pay-per-Phish program:
    • Stop financial and data losses caused by missed phishing attacks

    • Pay only for malicious phish that we detect and stop, with no upfront term commitments

    • Augment your current defenses in under an hour, to start catching missed phish

Flexible Deployment Options
    • Inline MX, via connectors, out-of-flow via BCC, or by journaling

    • As a fully elastic cloud service, Area 1 requires no hardware or software installation

    • Integrate with SEGs, O365, Gmail & more

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