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Area 1 offers the simplest and most value-based pricing in the cybersecurity industry. Businesses pay only for the phish we catch that other defenses miss – with a cap to ensure budget ROI.

    • Pay only for the phish we catch, that your current defenses miss

    • No term duration requirement – pricing is capped for the duration of your contract

    • Premium Support and Annual Security Expert Seminars

To learn more about the benefits of pay-per-phish cybersecurity, read our data sheet.

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Area 1 processes and secures nearly 4.5 billion messages and web sessions annually, and has stopped over 20 million phishing attacks that were previously undetected within customer environments.  


Here’s what customers say about Area 1:


“[Area 1’s] cost model turns implementation into low risk. We installed it behind our existing spam/phish filter with the understanding it would only catch what the other systems missed. Since there is no long term lock in, it allowed us to test out this new service with very little risk.”

Administrator Enterprise Organization (1K+ employees)

“I’m happy to say that Area 1 Security exceeded all of our expectations.

Senior DevOps Manager LendingHome
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