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If we don’t catch phish, you pay nothing.

Accountable Anti-Phishing Protection

Area 1 Security Pay-Per-Phish means we detect phish—or you pay nothing. There is no upfront term or dollar commitments, customers gain immediate benefit against the most egregious attacks breaching current defenses. We stop the attacks that cause nearly all the damage—that dangerous one percent that other solutions miss.


With Area 1 Security’s Pay-Per-Phish Program, you can:

  • Stop financial and data losses caused by missed phishing attacks
  • Pay only for malicious phish detections, with no upfront term commitments or costs
  • Augment your current defenses transparently, in minutes, to catch missed phish



Competition Can’t Compare

Compare our committed accountability to competing solutions—that you must pay even when they fail to stop phish—and you’ll see why only Area 1 Security offers effective protection that we stand behind. Request a quote today.

How it Works

Deploys transparently in minutes, as an additional security layer behind your SEG— and you only pay for what we catch. Delivering immediate protection against all phishing attacks including ransomware, BEC, credential harvesting, watering hole attacks, and more.


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