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Phishing attacks remain the primary cybersecurity threat to organizations of all sizes. Existing defenses struggle with these highly focused and sophisticated campaigns. Users are constantly lured into falling for phishing baits, leading to massive financial damage and data loss. The speed, variety, and cunning of these attacks underscore the urgent need for a new, advanced platform to address them. Area 1 Horizon, a cloud-based service, deploys in minutes and stops phishing attacks across all traffic vectors—email, web, or network.

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Email Phish

Protect users against phishing emails using a cloud-based MTA or cloud APIs/connectors.

Detect and stop all varieties of phish, including those delivering ransomware, malware, spoofs and others

Provide executive protection through advanced BEC filtering

Leverage transparent and flexible deployment options for rapid onboarding

Top Phishing Types
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Web Phish

Protect users against web-based phishing campaigns through a globally distributed, recursive DNS service

  • Flexible deployments via automated integrations with Windows, BIND, and industry-leading DNS servers

  • Protect mobile and roaming users from advanced targeted campaigns

  • Provide customer block pages and notifications to inform users of blocked phishing campaigns

Network Phish

Shut down phishing attacks at your network edge

Network phishing protection through automated integrations across all of your network edge devices

Enhance your current network defenses with a flexible range of preemptive actions

Integrate with your workflow and security orchestration platforms through a RESTful API

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Preemptive Discovery with Small Pattern Analytics
  • Preemptive discovery of phishing infrastructure using dynamic web crawling, instant link crawls, in-the-wild sandboxing, user impersonation and advanced computer vision based detections.

  • Advanced phishing detection models focused on small pattern analytics.

  • Proprietary algorithms for attack correlation and emergent campaign identification.

  • Continuous learning and scoring across 100+ data models

  • Combination of full body, header, attachment analysis, payload deconstruction and sandboxing, natural language scoring and modeling.

  • Detect all varieties of phish including ones delivering ransomware, malware, spoofs, BEC messages and others.

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