Stop Phishing Attacks.

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Complimentary Access to Area 1 Horizon

We believe everyone deserves peace of mind. That’s why we want you to try Area 1 Horizon. There is no expensive hardware to be deployed, no “tear-outs” of existing infrastructure, and no need to hire additional resources.

For the remainder of 2018 attendees of the Laguna Biotech Conference will receive complimentary access to Area 1 Horizon—the only anti-phishing service in the market that stops phishing attacks preemptively and comprehensively across email, web and network traffic vectors.

After that, it’s 100% performance-based.

With Area 1 Horizon, You Can:
  • Block phish that’s sneaking past your existing defenses
  • Protect valuable intellectual property and confidential data from targeted phishing attacks
  • Stop account takeover attacks, credential harvesters, BEC spoofing, and more
How It Works

Here at Area 1, we know time is money. That’s why we made sure Area 1 Horizon is an easy install. So easy, it only takes 10 minutes!

Get the anti-phishing protection you deserve and start enjoying a phish-free life today!




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