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Area 1 Security Named Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year for Security

“We’re delighted to recognize Area 1 Security as the Google Cloud Technology Partner for Security, for their innovative work on behalf of Google Cloud customers,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem at Google Cloud. “Our ecosystem of partners is driving tremendous innovation, and Area 1’s solutions in cybersecurity are a great example. We’re proud to provide this award to Area 1 and look forward to continue building together.” Learn more

Phish Sneak Past Gmail Defenses

G Suite is simplifying business communication and collaboration across the globe, but unfortunately, business communication continues to be the target of relentless global cyberattacks, overwhelmingly delivered by phishing emails. Unlike email threats such as spam and viruses, phish are engineered to present a low-volume attack profile that doesn’t appear on even the best email filter’s “radar.” To close the phishing gap, Area 1 Security offers a preemptive, comprehensive, and accountable defense against the socially engineered phish that sneak past Gmail defenses. Learn more

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Close the Phishing Security Gap

The Area 1 Horizon anti-phishing service scans inbound customer emails to detect and block phish before delivery to Gmail inboxes. The service uses early visibility into phishing infrastructure and payloads, plus advanced email analysis techniques and proprietary machine learning algorithms to add a critical layer of security that effectively protects recipients from phishing attacks. The cloud-based service deploys easily in minutes to work with G Suite’s email security features like anti-spam, DLP, encryption, and archiving. With Area 1 Security’s advanced anti-phishing capabilities, Gmail users are protected from modern phishing attacks.Learn more

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Learn How Our Customers Keep Gmail Inboxes Phish-Free

Today, AVX is better protected from cyber breaches than at any time in its history. Area 1’s technology continuously crawls the entire web in a Google-like model to identify and deliver proactive early warning and defense from phishing attacks. This comprehensive approach delivers incalculable value in protecting AVX from the havoc of a successful phishing campaign.

“Area 1’s proactive threat hunting, coupled with advanced expertise in detecting and stopping phishing threats, adds a critical layer of defense to Gmail security that protects us from targeted phishing attacks,”

-Zach Moody