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Anti-Phishing Protection

GigaOm Analyst Simon Gibson CISO and Oren Falkowitz CEO of Area 1 Security discuss why email and phishing protection is the most important vector to secure before tackling anything else. They explore how to stop phishing, protect your networks, and how to enable the vital cornerstones of successful security programs.

Preemptive Cybersecurity

Proactive cybersecurity means catching attacks before your network is accessed, not after. Time and again attackers bypass or subvert advanced technology designed to protect networks, this often results in untold financial damage ultimately costing the best security teams time and money.

How can IT leaders stop phishing before attackers gain access to systems?

In This 1-Hour Webinar, You Will Discover:
  • Phishing control — why it’s the most efficient method to protect systems and free up resources in your security programs arsenal.
  • Cost benefits — what the savings are between different approaches to security programs.
  • Solution deployment — how phishing control can be deployed quickly and with very little risk to production systems.

Watch this GigaOm data security webinar to learn how to stop phishing, explore the phishing landscape and evaluate your risk.


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