Area 1

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“With its unique technology and a focus on accountability, Area 1 Security provides proactive and effective email security, particularly in the detection and prevention of phishing campaigns.” — Simon Gibson, Analyst, GigaOm Research

Highlights from the report:

  • Area 1 is classified as an Outperformer (highest classification)
  • Area 1 projected to be closest to center (best) out of all competitors within 12-18 months
  • Area 1 received the highest-available ratings (+++) for In-Line and Cloud deployment models, Analytics, Performance, and Manageability/Ease of Use

We Stop Phishing.


Area 1 is a great tool to prevent phishing and BEC. Having Area 1 in place allows me to spend less time worrying about end users being ‘tricked’ by phishing and more time looking at the big picture.

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