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“BEC attacks increased by nearly 100% in 2019; through 2023 they’re predicted to keep doubling every year”

Why do BEC phishing attacks keep outsmarting conventional defenses?

Gartner explains BEC’s sophisticated social engineering — such as using a trusted executive’s name to manipulate employees and enable payroll diversion or hijack partner emails. Read about why content inspection and SEGs alone fail to stop BEC ambushes.

To ensure the most effective anti-BEC protection, we are confident Gartner’s recommendations include upgrading to cloud email security solutions (CESS) focused on phishing and BEC to prevent account takeovers.

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Area 1 is an outstanding company with an incredible product. My organization has used this product for 5+ years with no downtime whatsoever. Furthermore, it has prevented dangerous phishing attacks and email-based malware propagation in our organization.

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The biggest problem that Area 1 solves for me is Business Email Compromise ... While we do regular training so that employees know how to spot such an email, it is even better when you know you have a tool that prevents it in the first place.

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