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Fake Executive Emails, Real Financial Losses: An Essential Ebook

The game? Diversion of funds and wire transfers by impersonating email “from” your CEO or other executives.

The stakes? Very high – and rising. 

Criminal ingenuity intersects with clever social engineering to create the frustratingly successful swindle of Business Email Compromise (BEC) – also known as Imposter Attacks or CEO Fraud. 

Download this free ebook for insights on what every finance leader should know about these phishing attacks:

  • Attack Techniques: How hackers camouflage messages to spoof display names, brand logos, domains and more.
  • Pros & Cons of Key Defenses: What makes companies vulnerable to phishing-related losses, even as they invest in awareness training, email authentication and other technologies.
  • Proactive vs. Reactive Approaches: Like other types of phishing attacks, imposter emails slip through legacy defenses. The key to stopping these emails is proactively detecting and blocking them.


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