One Million Office 365 Phishing Misses, Explained

A new study analyzing nearly 1.5 billion messages sent to customers that use Microsoft as their email provider found that nearly 1 million malicious emails bypassed Office 365 and well-known SEGs, in just one six-month period.

Prevent Supply Chain Email Attacks

Your supply chain partners represent a significant cyber risk – demonstrated recently by the FireEye and SolarWinds breaches. More attackers are exploiting an organization’s suppliers, partners, and vendors to launch phishing campaigns (the No. 1 source of breaches). These new tactics bypass cloud email defenses, legacy email gateways and email authentication standards.

Proactive Protection Against Ransomware Attacks

Holding data hostage for a price, ransomware has continued to be a costly scourge for organizations. While the FBI has cited over $140 million in reported payouts to ransomware operators over the past couple years, the cost to businesses is exponentially higher. Over $10 billion in damages have been attributed to the single ransomware strain […]