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Area 1’s value- and
utility-based pricing means businesses pay only when
we catch phish. Period.


With Area 1, AVX achieved its major
objective of minimizing cybersecurity risk. The cybersecurity team now provides updates
to executive management demonstrating how well they’re protecting the organization by sharing the number of threats blocked and delivering ROI for security spend each quarter.

Zach Moody

Despite billions of cybersecurity dollars spent each year, companies large and small continue to suffer massive losses due to phishing attacks.

Area 1 offers the first and only accountable, performance-based cybersecurity solution, with our Pay-per-Phish pricing.
Pay-per-Phish means budget predictability and ROI based on results we prove. It also means:

  • Best-of-breed Phish protection across all attack vectors (email, web, network): Preempt phish 24 days (on average) before campaigns launch

  • No nickel-and-diming on features: No per-user, per-device, or per-mailbox costs; no charge for new services or integrations

  • Continuous product enhancements built through customer feedback

  • Transparent reports and auditing:See precise details about the phish we catch

  • Accountable security for all: Pay-per-Phish empowers organizations of any size, regardless of financial/staffing resources, to stop phish


Accountable & Transparent Pricing
Pay only for Malicious Phish

No Charge for Suspicious, Spam, Spoof Verdicts


Product Packaging

Small, Medium, Large?

Our smallest protected customers are single user entities, and our largest protected customers are Fortune 50 enterprises with over 100,000 users. Non-profit organizations, political campaigns and other election-related groups are also eligible for significantly discounted pricing.

No matter your size or industry, we’ll protect you against phishing: the root cause of 95% of cyber breach incidents.


[Area 1’s] cost model turns implementation into low risk. We installed it behind our existing spam/phish filter with the understanding we would only pay for what our other systems miss. Since there is no long term lock in, it allowed us to test out this new service with very little risk.

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