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The trend is clear: cybersecurity attacks and technology are constantly evolving, and it can be hard to know which security vendor to trust. Talking to your peers and colleagues is one of the best ways to get honest advice, tips, and insights.

We would love to help facilitate that meeting and then get out of your way. Meet with an existing Area 1 Security customer to learn about their experience with Area 1, or even just to network and learn about security best practices.

To meet with a peer:

Step 1:
Select a 15-minute time slot and date on the calendly link below.
Arrow pointing right Step 2:
Attend the Zoom meeting and ask your questions.

Below are suggested topics that you can discuss together:

  • Best practices for email security and experiences with Area 1 Security
  • How to keep phish out of your inbox
  • General cybersecurity tips and advice
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