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Skip the SEG - Get the Best Cloud-Native
Email Security Solution Instead

Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) leave Office 365 and Gmail inboxes exposed to BEC
and other targeted phishing. Area 1 handles everything an SEG does
– but we catch the phish that SEGs don’t.

Unlike SEGs, our cloud-native solution:

Preemptively detects and blocks targeted phish an average of 24 days before they launch

Blocks new, previously unseen malicious payloads and links before they hit inboxes – no tuning necessary

Offers the industry’s only Pay-per-Phish model: customers pay only for the phish we catch, that other defenses miss.


Area 1 handles everything a SEG does — and catches phish that SEGs don’t.

Legacy vs Area1

Tired of “tuning” cloud
email and SEGs against phish,
an S&P 100 consumer goods
company turned to Area 1.

In just one year, Area 1 blocked eight million email- and
web-based phishing attacks
aimed at this $15 billion company.

Why Phish Swim Past
Office 365 & Gmail Defenses

Even Office 365 and Gmail’s world-class defenses
miss phishing attacks – the #1 cause of cyber breach

Business Email Compromise, ransomware,
credential harvesting, and other targeted phishing
campaigns often evade Office 365 and Gmail’s defenses.

To learn about cloud email
security threats, read the ebook,

When the Cloud Rains Phish.

No Rip-and-Replace,
No Email Flow Disruption

Deploy Area 1’s advanced anti-phishing security
in under 1 hour – and only pay for the phish we catch,
that your current defenses are missing.


  • Flexible deployment options:
    inline, out-of-flow via BCC, or by journaling.

  • No hardware or software to install, manage or
    Area 1 Horizon™ is an enterprise-class, scalable, fully cloud-native service.

  • Stop phish across all attack vectors:
    We integrate with Office 365, Gmail, SEGs,
    SWGs and firewalls, to stop email- , web- and
    network-based attacks.