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Even Office 365 and Gmail’s world-class email defenses need a backstop to protect you against modern phishing threats. Too many still get through. Download this ebook from Area 1 (a Microsoft Partner and Google’s Cloud Partner of the Year for Security) to learn what’s needed to close your cloud email security gaps.

Office 365 & Gmail:
Email Security Headaches & Remedies

Love the productivity of cloud-based collaboration, but hate the increased cyber risk? Those concerns are well-founded – even in the cloud era, phishing attacks are still the #1 cause of cyber breach incidents.

Protecting your executives, employees and digital ecosystem demands a deeper understanding of phishing attack types targeting Office 365 and Gmail users – and what’s needed to fortify your email defenses.

Get the free ebook for insights on:

    • The Diversity of Phishing Attacks Low-volume, targeted phish such as Business Email Compromise slip undetected into Office 365 and Gmail inboxes to wreak financial damage.

    • What Makes Cloud Credentials Easy Targets Newly launched credential harvesting sites (asking users to reset passwords, check voicemails and more) also go undetected by Office 365 and Gmail technologies.

    • Winning the Cloud Phishing Wars: Closing the email security gap requires aggressive, preemptive techniques that block the ‘low and slow’ targeted phishing attacks missed by traditional defenses.


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