You know your security investments, AKA, Secure Email Gateways, O365, G-Suite, are leaking malicious phishing emails. Are you happy with the leaks or would you like to eliminate them?

If your roof leaks do you mitigate those leaks by placing buckets here and there, and/or, get a “leak detector” set up to monitor where the leaks pool, to give you a heads up so you can investigate further? Most people hire a contractor to fix the leaks – right? Leaks, left undetected can cause substantial damage [insert multiple major brand name super hack here] and cost so much more than fixing the leaks (properly) in the first place!

And you wouldn’t be satisfied if the roofing contractor fixed 90% of the leaks, and you had to put mitigations in place to address the remaining 10% – placing buckets here and there, and still purchase their “leak detector” would you? Those add-ons can add up to hefty costs!

Plus you would need to educate and make the household aware of these leaks, so they don’t step in the buckets of water or knock them over. But some of the households don’t get it and knock over the buckets anyway, which ruins your beautiful floor. User education and awareness training are only moderately effective, and it only takes one bucket to get knocked over to cause significant “water damage.”

Now you have to rip up the floor, find out where the leak went and the extent of the damage; then dry things out, pay someone to do both probably, and then lay down new flooring. It’s expensive, a lot of busy work, unproductive, and very reactionary. The insurance company isn’t going to pay for more than one leak – they’ll stiff you the next time.

Why are companies “satisfied” with malicious #phishing emails that leak through their “Secure” Email Gateways, O365, or G-Suite? It is 2019 you don’t have to put up with leaky cyber-security solutions any longer!

Do you want another firm to take care of those leaks? And only charge you for the “leaks” that are addressed? Area1Security is here when you tire of the leaking and associated costs to brand, employee satisfaction, and increased workloads.