What Phishing Threats Are Sitting in Your Inboxes Right Now?

Inbox Protection Assessment

Every day at Area 1 Security we see Customers’ existing cybersecurity defenses miss phishing emails. Ransomware, data breaches, and wire fraud always start with a phish – it’s no wonder phishing is the root cause in 9 of 10 cybersecurity attacks. We block those missed attacks, that would otherwise end up users’ inboxes, placing organizations at risk – including our Fortune 500 customers with huge security budgets.

Area 1 is focused on stopping these phishing threats. We are so certain that our product consistently makes the best phishing detections that we have built our business around an efficacy-based model: Pay-Per-Phish. We stop phish. No upfront cost. You only pay for what we catch. Period.

Area 1 is the security industry’s first company founded on accountability. We put our work on the line every day because we know we are catching phish that others miss.

As part of our mission, we have built out the Area 1 Horizon™ anti-phishing service to work with existing email journaling rules, so that organizations can test and see for themselves which phish are getting through to users’ inboxes. With email journaling, there is no risk that we will disrupt your mail flow; messages can be transparently inspected offline, and you can securely set up the service with a few clicks and a copy/paste.

To try the Area 1 Horizon service:

  1. Sign up with the link below
  2. Receive your organization-specific email forwarding address via email
  3. In three clicks of your email admin panel, set up a journaling or email forwarding rule—and you’re done!

See for yourself what phish are being missed with our free Inbox Protection Assessment.

We could go on and on, telling you all about how we proactively crawl the internet using our ActiveSensor™ network, one of the largest of any software company, in any industry, to find emerging threats. We could use all of the buzzwords that you see in this arena, like machine learning, advanced detection, and identifying zero-day threats—and then tell you how we do them better. But instead, we let the results tell that story for us.

In as little as 10 minutes, you can set up the service behind your existing defenses to detect phish. And in just a few days, you will see for yourself all of the phishing emails that are getting through and putting your users and your organization at risk.

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