Stopping Phish Is What We Do Understand How: 15 Minute Webcast

Phishing is the primary cause of financial and data breaches today, and these attacks come from all directions — email, web, and network. Area 1 Security stops these extremely low volume and highly damaging campaigns.

Join Vivek Bhandari, Director of Product Management, as he walks through our technology and offers a free screening to test the “missed phish” that have hit your organization (15 minutes):

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Understanding the Four Business Email Compromise Attack Types

Business Email Compromise (BEC), also sometimes referred to as email account compromise (EAC) or vendor email compromise (VEC), is a type of phishing attack that takes advantage of an existing relationship between a victim and organization.

Area 1 Security Announces the Most Spoofed Brand of 2021

Dear America’s sports-loving, company-securing fans: Before you find yourself glued this weekend to (what some call) THE biggest game in college basketball history, we are here to crown the 2022 March Hackness winner!

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Area 1 Security’s Sixth Annual March Hackness: The Perfect Phishing Bracket is here! Learn who made the list of the top brands that attackers use in phishing lures.