Stopping Phish Is What We Do Understand How: 15 Minute Webcast

Phishing is the primary cause of financial and data breaches today, and these attacks come from all directions — email, web, and network. Area 1 Security stops these extremely low volume and highly damaging campaigns.

Join Vivek Bhandari, Director of Product Management, as he walks through our technology and offers a free screening to test the “missed phish” that have hit your organization (15 minutes):

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How to replace your email gateway with Cloudflare Area 1

Leaders and practitioners responsible for email security are faced with a few truths every day. It’s likely true that their email is cloud-delivered and comes with some built-in protection that does an OK job of stopping spam and commodity malware.

Introducing email link isolation – Email gateway replacement playbook

This week was a big one for us at Cloudflare, one of our four innovation weeks which we hold annually, showcasing new developments, product news and reference architectures.

Superhero strategies for the Phish Fight

Today is National Superhero Day, and we would like to dedicate this day to you—the SOC teams and the security experts on the frontline of the phish fight.