A Phishing Solution For Everyone, Deployed in Minutes

A Phishing Solution For Everyone, Deployed in Minutes

10 Minute Webcast

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At Area 1 Security, we stop phishing attacks. But more than that, we stop phishing attacks for everyone. Area 1 Security products live in the cloud, which means there is no expensive hardware to be deployed, no “tear outs” of existing infrastructure, and no need to hire an additional resource to manage our products. Our products seamlessly plug into the security edge devices you already own, working with your existing email solutions in the cloud or on-prem. We have worked hard to create a solution for everyone — a solution that is integrated, scalable, and easy to use.

“We can fortify your existing web, email, and network infrastructure”

Area 1 Security won’t ask you to start over when it comes to securing your organization. We will simply provide you with tools to make what you already have better.

Watch this 10 minute webcast to understand how:

Regardless of your existing infrastructure, Area 1 Security is the security solution for your organization.

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