Phish of the Week: What’s On Your List this Summer?

Will You Spend the Summer Pondering These Questions, Too?

According to a recent U.S. study, 83 percent of CEOs want employees to return in person now that the pandemic is waning … yet (to no surprise) only 10 percent of employees want to come back to the office full-time.

For many of us, this long holiday weekend marks the start of (much-needed) summer vacations, before we and our kids head “back to the grind” (apparently, minus remote learning!) this fall. But, this is also now a turning point where many of us are wondering: What exactly will be the workplace reality after the summer? Should / will our employees still be remote? Should we try “hybrid” schedules (and if so, how)? And — what are the cybersecurity implications of these “post-Covid” workplace decisions?

I don’t hear too many consistent answers to these questions when speaking to other security/IT professionals. And that tells me that although it’s time to get out our barbeque grills, we’ll all be hard at work the next few months tackling these big questions and their consequent security implications — together.

[Last Chance – Webinar] Apply Zero Trust to Digital Communications

If attackers are exploiting your partners’ vulnerabilities — yet you have little control or visibility over your partners’ security — how can you still effectively protect your organization? The answer lies in applying zero trust principles to all communications, across your organization’s entire network.

Join my colleagues, Area 1 co-founder/CTO, Phil Syme, and Sr. Product Manager, Kevin Wilson, today at 11am PT / 2pm Eastern, to learn about:

    • How your partner social graph results in increased risk surface area;
    • The role of email security in establishing a zero trust architecture; and
    • How to leverage email security to prevent targeted cyber attacks.

Register here to join us live for the webinar (or, for the on-demand recording).

Blog: What’s New in Area 1 Horizon?

We’re regularly releasing new features and functionality for customers. Being a cloud-native service, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver a constant release cycle, with nothing to tune or manually install.

To that end, I’m excited to announce these latest Area 1 Horizon features:

    • The industry’s FASTEST Message Retraction, with both automated and manual retraction in under 5 seconds
    • 150+ signature and Machine Learning model enhancements
    • Administrator Portal Audit Log — view the who, what, when and where of actions taken within our platform

If you’re not currently an Area 1 customer, you can find out how to request your own custom, complimentary Phishing Risk Assessment (which also gives you full access to our product dashboard).

Read the details in the new blog, here.

Microsoft warns of massive malware campaign

Microsoft researchers recently warned that attackers are using compromised email accounts to launch what looks like ransomware — but is, in fact, Java-based STRRAT malware.

This malware creates a backdoor into Windows systems to steal credentials and other personal information. Given the nature of the campaign, attackers could use the initially-infected systems to spread malware to more users via phishing.

This campaign is another reminder that — even if your users aren’t the initial victims of a cyber attack, you must close phishing gaps coming from your digital ecosystem.

Learn how to stop the seven types of phishing attacks that originate from compromised vendors and suppliers, here. (7 mins)