Meet Area 1 Security’s Customer Success Team

Area 1 Horizon™ protects more cloud-based email inboxes than any other solution. Area 1 Security’s customers range from early-stage entrepreneurs to election-sensitive organizations to well-known Fortune 500 brands — and our customer satisfaction rate consistently measures better than 98%. Learn what goes on behind the scenes in this Q&A from our longtime Director of Customer Success, Ilanit Rimon.

What do you do at Area 1 Security?

I am a Director of Customer Success at Area 1 Security, and my goal is to be a partner with our customers. As part of our partnership, I build and manage the entire customer journey experience, including onboarding, deployment, integration of Area 1’s email security products, technical support, growth, and renewal. I love being the Voice of the Customer and providing partnership, training, and knowledge.

What does Customer Success mean to you? How does Area 1 Security foster customer satisfaction?

I have been Customer-facing for 20 years. I’m passionate about helping our customers achieve the best ROI and protection for their company from Area 1 products and services. At Area 1 Security, we believe in Customer First, and all our teams — including Product, Engineering, Security Research, Customer Success — run as a single unit dedicated to ensuring our customers are always protected from phishing attacks and in the best way possible.

Imagine watching an incredible basketball game, and the entire team is in total sync with one defensive goal in mind. That’s us — blocking all the cyber threats to ensure attackers never win.

What challenges do customers face in today’s cybersecurity landscape?

Today’s cybersecurity landscape has many players, which makes choosing the right solution or bundle of solutions extremely difficult. To follow the basketball metaphor, the players are not all in sync, providing piecemeal or ineffective solutions, and creating a lot of market noise.

We’ve built a service that makes testing and data analysis incredibly simple, easy, and efficient for companies to review, assess and determine the next steps.

For example, it now takes less than five minutes for any organization to set up Area 1 Horizon service. Our customers see immediate results through our dashboard and can see just how many email threats are detected, down to what kinds of phishing attacks (such as Business Email Compromise, malicious URLs, etc.), the specific threat actors, and other details.

Returning to the topic of customer success – how do you incorporate customer reviews (even anonymized ones) into Area 1’s business?

Honest, candid customer feedback is critical for pivoting and responding to the fast-evolving threat landscape, and for aligning our product and programs with market needs and customer demands.

For example, we recently launched new Area 1 Horizon product features — including enhanced small pattern detection and providing the fastest message recall on the market — solely based on customer feedback.

Customer reviews (like those submitted to G2 or Gartner Peer Insights) provide excellent visibility into our customers’ world. Our team reviews every piece of customer feedback to ideate new ways to innovate, enhance and improve our email security product and service offerings.

Share with us a customer program that you’ve been particularly excited about.

We recently launched two new programs to help connect our customers with technical experts or industry peers. These Technical Consultation and Peer Connect initiatives help customers and prospects get all of their questions answered right away by an Area 1 Technical expert, or they can meet directly with other Area 1 customers.

Ilanit Rimon is a Director of Customer Success at Area 1 Security. Throughout her 15 years in Cyber Security, Ilanit has been building and managing many post-sales and services teams in organizations such as Imperva, Sanctum, and the IDF. Previously she served as the Global Manager of Customer Services at Imperva.

If you are a current Area 1 Horizon customer, we invite you to share your feedback with Ilanit and our entire Area 1 team, by submitting a review to Gartner Peer Insights. Thank you for your partnership!