Tax Season is Here!

Mind the GAAP!

Tax Day is almost here, and many of us may still be busy this weekend gathering copious amounts of necessary paperwork and submitting our returns.

However, we are not the only ones hard at work. Cyber threat actors are also busy– planning and executing large scale tax fraud  threat campaigns. For example, the FBI’s IC3 has previously warned of compromised email accounts being used to request W2 forms or fraudulent wire transfers; attackers also leverage well-known financial and tax-related brands to deliver phishing campaigns that skirt traditional email defenses.  

There are some tips to stay vigilant during this time. First, fortify your existing email defenses. Second, encourage your employees to be extra vigilant against tax related or IRS messages. And remember – if that refund message looks too good to be true, it probably is.

If you are interested in learning more, watch this on-demand webinar, “Beyond Email Gateways and Email Authentication: How to Stop Financial Phishing Attacks.

CRN Partner Program Guide

Area 1 Security recently earned a prestigious 5-star rating in the annual Partner Program Guide from CRN®, for the second consecutive year. 

Companies are scored based on their investments in program offerings, partner profitability, partner support and more.

Read the announcement here to learn more.

BEC E-Book

Last year, Area 1 identified and stopped almost five million Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. 

As noted in the AP article, BEC attacks are extremely challenging to detect and block. So what does it take to solve the BEC challenge?

Download Area 1’s “How to Stop BEC Threats” ebook to learn: 

  • The top 4 reasons why BEC attacks are still successful;
  • What the most sophisticated Type 4 BEC (partner compromise) looks like; and 
  • The 4 techniques needed to stop all BEC attack types

Accounts deceivable: Email scam costliest type of cybercrime

According to a new report by the FBI, BEC scams have incurred losses in the US up to nearly $2.4 billion, a 33% increase from 2020 and more than 10X increase from seven years ago.

Experts believe that this statistic is on the lower side, because many victims do not come forward and report BEC attacks. 

In this new article, AP journalist Alan Suderman investigates how BEC is
“siphoning untold billions from the economy.” Read the article here to learn more.


Shalabh Mohan

Chief Product Officer | Cloudflare Area 1

With a career spanning 20 years fighting bad guys online, Shalabh leads all product and go-to-market functions at Area 1 Security, with extensive prior experience across security, enterprise, and cloud infrastructure companies such as Aspen Networks, IronPort Systems, Cisco and Bracket Computing. Shalabh and his teams have taken products from conception all the way to large scale businesses; and in the process have consistently helped make the Internet a safer place. An alumnus of Stanford University and the University of Texas at Austin, Shalabh holds five patents and can claim to know something about enterprise infrastructure and security.

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