In a Strong Chain, There is No Weak Link

Bringing Accessibility to Cybersecurity

Fortifying and defending any one individual link in a chain from damage will not prevent the entire chain as a whole from breaking. To ensure a strong, unbreakable chain, every link must be protected.

The imagination of attackers in their targeting of organizations consistently finds the weak links in systems to achieve their goals. The security weaknesses of vendors are increasingly the weaknesses of their clients.

The current point to point distribution of cybersecurity solutions is flawed. Traditionally, the best cybersecurity solutions are solely marketed and priced for the top 1% of the market: the Fortune 500 giants with bottomless budgets, the international organizations with dedicated CISOs and security teams running exotic infrastructure. But it turns out this doesn’t work for anyone, even the companies with the “best.” A world of haves and have-nots leaves everyone vulnerable.

Security firms sell their software to the top of the market, but the real damage continues to come from below, across the board:

  • IN RETAIL: Target, a multi-billion dollar retailer, was hacked through a small Pittsburgh refrigeration company.
  • IN HEALTHCARE: Cogent Healthcare leaked data from 32,000 patients when one of its medical transcription vendor was breached.
  • IN MEDIA: Netflix, ABC, Fox, National Geographic, and IFC lost unreleased content when hackers stole from a digital-mixing service.

Companies rely on suppliers, partners, and vendors to do business — and will continue to do so. As such, attackers continue to find and prey on the weakest links in the chain, getting to their intended targets by entering through these cracked-open side doors.

The answer to this proliferating problem online is accessibility. The biggest companies in the world can’t be dependent on the security of organizations with a few dozen people. For the internet to truly be a safer place, companies of one need to have access to the same security as companies of thousands. And for any one company to ensure total safety, it must secure its entire chain — any organization it is connected to, above or below.

Getting beyond selling to the 1% is going to require a change in mindset from security providers. Being safe online can’t be a luxury. Instead of only chasing big sales and complicated solutions, the cybersecurity industry will have to start chasing a safer whole.

Area 1 Security is leading this charge by bringing accessibility to cybersecurity. Solutions must be easier to implement, easier to use, and operational to companies of all sizes with all different physical and virtual setups. The cloud allows Area 1 Security to deploy with or without the massive staff and infrastructure only available to big companies. We are proud to protect organizations of all sizes, stages, and structures, ranging from up-and-coming businesses operating out of garages in Berkeley, CA to billion dollar Fortune 500 companies.

It’s our job to protect your business. That means protecting everyone.

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