Area 1 Security Named Leader and Outperformer in GigaOm Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection

“With its unique technology and a focus on accountability, Area 1 Security provides proactive and effective email security, particularly in the detection and prevention of phishing campaigns.” -Simon Gibson, Analyst, GigaOm Research


  • GigaOm Research analyst and former Bloomberg CISO, Simon Gibson, provides an in-depth, independent review of 14 vendors across an extensive set of email security criteria ranging from deployment models, to analytical tools, to manageability/ease of use — and more.
  • Area 1 Security scores favorably across all key criteria. We are the only email security solution positioned as an Outperformer (highest classification) in product and technical innovation — as well as business value.
  • GigaOm positions Area 1 as Leader, with a platform play and closest to center (best) out of competitors.
  • Area 1 receives the highest ratings for: Meeting the needs of large enterprises; Inline and Cloud Deployment; Analytics; Performance; and Manageability/Ease of Use.
  • Learn more about why Area 1 provides the best alternative to traditional email defenses such as Agari, Broadcom (Symantec), Cisco IronPort, Mimecast and Proofpoint — and better cloud email protection for G Suite and Microsoft 365 users.

GigaOm Research, a leading independent analyst firm, has named Area 1 Security a “Leader” and “Outperformer” in its latest “GigaOm Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection” report. We are of course thrilled with our rating and extremely proud to see that GigaOm shares our own sentiments with their statement that “an effective anti-phishing solution must be a critical component of your enterprise security strategy.”

“Unique Technology” and a “Novel Approach”

GigaOm’s Radar report considers a broad cross-section of the market’s many anti-phishing security solutions, taking into account market categories, deployment types, key criteria, and higher-level evaluation metrics. Overall, as a “Leader” and “Outperformer,” Area 1 Security was rated more innovative in our technical approach than similar companies and moving towards a platform play with our comprehensive feature set.

Our unique approach to detecting phishing, fraud and other advanced security threats certainly helps us stand out from the crowd.

We are the only cybersecurity company to detect threats across five categories to determine its riskiness and impact. We call this the 5S’: Source, Structure, Sentiment, Surface and Scale. Area 1 Horizon™ is the only solution that looks at variables such as:

  • In-the-wild phish analysis (Source);
  • Message threads and payloads (Structure);
  • Conversation tone and intent (Sentiment);
  • Whether phish originate from external sources or partners account takeovers (Surface); and
  • Leveraging our cloud architecture for scale and insights (Scale).

By combining and intersecting all five of these areas, we are able to surface difficult-to-detect threats missed by others: threats like Types 3 & 4 Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks that compromise your vendors, and take place over weeks and span multiple email threads.

Area 1 Security uses the 5S’ for a unique detection approach

The 5S’, along with our well-rounded feature set, allows messaging, security and response teams to work together to detect, prevent and respond to threats all within the same platform. As mentioned by GigaOm, our Autonomous Phish SOC allows “security teams to access lightning-fast searches when responding to incidents.”

In fact, our customers have found that our end-to-end detection-to-response solution decreases your SOC’s incident triage time by more than 90%. Features like Message Retraction also allow security teams to remove threats in all inboxes directly from the Area 1 Security dashboard.

Additional Highlights from the Phishing Prevention and Detection Report

Aside from our overall “Outperformer” rating, Area 1 received high ratings from GigaOm in several other key categories. The chart below highlights Area 1’s key evaluation ratings compared to other vendors.

Area 1 evaluation ratings compared to other key vendors assessed in the GigaOm Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection.

Rating legend:
+++: strong focus and perfect fit of the solution
++: The solution is good in this area, but there is still room for improvement
+: The solution has limitations and a narrow set of use cases
-: Not applicable or absent

As part of GigaOm’s Market and Deployment Type category, we were the only vendor to receive the highest ratings (+++) for Inline Deployment and Cloud Deployment. With our modern, cloud-native platform, the high rating in Cloud Deployment should come as no surprise, but our high ranking in Inline Deployment also speaks volumes considering we beat out all other competitors, including long-standing enterprise secure email gateways (SEGs) whose effectiveness relies on being deployed inline to see more traffic.

In fact, inline deployment is only one of our flexible deployment options. From BCC to journaling to via API connector, organizations can choose the Area 1 deployment model that best fits their needs.

Our cloud platform advantages were again highlighted with GigaOm naming Area 1 the only vendor with the highest rating (+++) in Manageability / Ease of Use. We also received the highest rating (+++) in Performance.

As an email security vendor, we know our customers count on us to stop threats as well as deliver business critical email. Area 1’s architecture and features have all been designed to achieve industry-leading high availability, operational resilience and performance. We’ve also built our platform to help email and security teams achieve efficiency and scale already scarce resources.

From our quick and easy deployment in under 20 minutes, to automated detections and triage workflows, to rapid-scale indexing and retrieval, the Area 1 platform is built to make admins’ lives easier and provide results at peak performance levels.

As part of GigaOm’s Key Criteria category, Area 1 also achieved the highest rating (+++) in Analytics for the completeness and scope of our analytical tools. In addition to our innovative approach mentioned earlier, we apply six methodologies and technologies for detection analytics as part of Active Fraud Prevention.

Methodologies and technologies Area 1 employs for preemptive and active fraud prevention.

This allows us to detect threats and fraud commonly missed by legacy email security systems. We are particularly adept at catching sophisticated, long-con Type 4 BEC attacks. To date, we have intercepted more than $317 Million in active BEC fraud campaigns targeting Fortune 500 companies.

How We Can Help

Area 1’s preemptive and comprehensive security solution helps organizations of all sizes stop phish, advanced threats and BEC from reaching employee inboxes and extends protection to partner accounts.

As the GigaOm report notes, our novel technology and industry-first performance-based pricing modelshould make deploying Area 1 ahead of any other vendor’s SEG (Secure Email Gateway) a no brainer.”

For customers looking for a more modern and advanced solution to tackle email, web and network-based threats, Area 1 can also act as the primary defense, replacing legacy SEGs completely. Our free Phishing Risk Assessment can help your team determine and eliminate hidden security gaps.

To request a complimentary copy of the GigaOm Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection Report, click here.

To assess how Area 1 Security can help address gaps in your current security defenses, contact us for a free Phishing Risk Assessment, here.

Kevin Wilson is a Sr. Product Manager at Area 1 Security. Throughout his 14 year in Cyber Security, Kevin has been an Analyst and Engineer in various organizations such as the U.S Navy, First Data, and Lowe’s. Previously he served as the Global Information Security Officer at Guess? Inc as well as a Product Manager for McAfee.

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Since Area 1’s inception, our mission has always been to eliminate the #1 source of cybersecurity incidents — phishing attacks.

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Since Area 1’s inception, our mission has always been to eliminate the #1 source of cybersecurity incidents — phishing attacks.