Gartner Prioritizes Anti-Phishing as a Top 10 Security Project for 2018

The books are closed on another insightful Gartner Security Summit. The combination of C-level insights along with actionable practices for security professionals makes the Gartner Security Summit one of the few security conferences where substance is a key focus over the traditional spectacle seen at most other such events.

This year’s summit made it clear that cyber bad guys aren’t standing still and that they continue to find new ways to perpetrate cybercrime. The challenge for security professionals is to prioritize where to invest resources to most effectively reduce security risk while supporting digital business initiatives.

Gartner Top 10 Cybersecurity Projects for 2018

Fortunately, Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst, Neil MacDonald helped cut through the noise and summarized the key projects that CISOs need to focus on in a session titled ‘Top 10 Cybersecurity Projects for 2018.” MacDonald recommends CISOs “Focus on projects that reduce the most amount of risk and have the largest business impact.” Not surprisingly, anti-phishing made the list:

  1. Privileged account management
  2. CARTA-inspired vulnerability management
  3. Active anti-phishing
  4. Application control on server workloads
  5. Microsegmentation and flow visibility
  6. Detection and response
  7. Cloud security posture management (CSPM)
  8. Automated security scanning
  9. Cloud access security broker (CASB)
  10. Software-defined perimeter
Why Anti-Phishing ?

Phishing continues to be the cause of 95% of cyber breaches, and the time and expense spent remediating attacks have a big impact on security resources, business productivity, and financials. It’s clear that blocking phishing attacks meets Gartner’s criteria for reducing the most amount of risk and having a high business impact.

For enterprises that are experiencing phishing attacks, Gartner recommends that they prioritize an anti-phishing project. Ideally, organizations should deploy technical controls to block as many phishing attacks as possible, supplementing any user training or awareness programs that are already in use. Specifically, organizations should look towards next generation technical controls to block phishing attacks at the outset and close the current gaps that exist.

Area 1 Security is honored to have been mentioned by Gartner in the session as a “state of the art technology” that helps stop phishing. Specifically, Gartner highlighted how Area 1 Security is like a Google, preemptively crawling the world’s websites and using big data and machine learning to identify phishing sites as they’re constructed and then proactively blocking attacks before they impact end users.

Get Ahead of Phishing Attacks

If your organization is struggling to get ahead of phishing attacks and overly reliant on legacy defenses or user training, contact Area 1.

We can showcase what’s being missed and help immediately close that gap, in a transparent and accountable way.

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Shalabh Mohan

VP, Product at Area 1

With a career spanning 20 years fighting bad guys online, Shalabh leads all product and go-to-market functions at Area 1 Security, with extensive prior experience across security, enterprise, and cloud infrastructure companies such as Aspen Networks, IronPort Systems, Cisco and Bracket Computing. Shalabh and his teams have taken products from conception all the way to large scale businesses; and in the process have consistently helped make the Internet a safer place. An alumnus of Stanford University and the University of Texas at Austin, Shalabh holds five patents and can claim to know something about enterprise infrastructure and security.