What’s New in the Area 1 Horizon Portal: February 2022

If you are like any of us, you love that new car smell – getting into something that’s fresh off the lot and that’s waiting for you to take out for a ride; to get going on the road and explore new horizons. 

Well – if you like that memory, then you have come to the right place – there is an absolutely “new car smell” vibe with our latest product release that’s available for customers now within the Area 1 Horizon portals. 

Read on to learn more about it, as well as our guiding principles as we embarked on this significant effort. 

Ever since our inception, Area 1 Security has been focused on stopping the single largest cyber threat vector – phishing attacks. To this end, we have always designed our solution and platform, Area 1 Horizon, with effective email security and ease of use in mind. 

Over the past few years, we have made significant enhancements to our phishing campaign coverages, threat models, policy management and overall platform flexibility. All this provides our customers with rich data on all the who, what, where and whys of cyber attacks targeting their organizations. Yet another aspect of our email security best practices is how effective threat data can improve cybersecurity outcomes. 

In security, teams must act fast when presented with evidence of a breach or attack in progress. Accurate, accessible and easy-to-interpret data makes decisive action that much easier and faster. 

However, security products often suffer from a degree of complexity and obfuscation, with the assumption that “more complex” = “more secure.” Furthermore, security products tend to be constrained in how they report data and metrics, leading to diminished cybersecurity effectiveness. 

At Area 1, one of our key design goals is to stop this propagation of complexity in security. (There’s a reason our solution consistently ranks higher than other vendors’ for Ease of Use, Most Implementable and Best ROI.)

This week, customers logging into the Area 1 Horizon portal will find that things look different — still transparent and easy to use, but with new dashboard enhancements that simplify and quantify outcomes even more. 

Our Philosophy on Effective Security Design 

About three years ago, we updated our portal to more explicitly highlight the phishing attacks and advanced threats blocked by our solution. We also updated the portal to take on a much cleaner, modern and lighter look and feel, and to provide access to information in easy, consumable ways.

This process has always been one of continuous improvement. We are always looking for better ways to communicate important key phishing detection metrics, and our latest Area 1 Horizon update is the first of several new visualizations and dashboard enhancements coming throughout this year. 

This first phase of new enhancements includes:

  • A “mission control”-style dashboard for at-a-glance visibility into each operational aspect of our email security system.
  • A “panel / tile” based layout that focuses on specific metrics as atomic & independent pieces of insights but that come together to form a larger outcome-focused narrative. 
  • More interactive infographics, with click-throughs to graph legends or pre-filtering for data drill-downs and deeper attack investigations. 
  • A new full-screen layout that groups items based on relevance and sorts them based on importance. 
  • A high-contrast color scheme that also makes finding information on each individual panel easier and faster. 

The New Dashboard Levels Up Form & Function

The new, main Area 1 Horizon dashboard and portal homepage represent the next level of our security design philosophy. 

This main dashboard now serves as the launching point for all security and email messaging operations. This includes 16  key reports, including Service Status, Phishing Attacks Prevented, Top BEC Targets and other metrics. And this is just the teaser –  for additional details, please refer to your Area 1 Support portal for the latest documentation on this release. 

Our current customers and partners can log in to their portal directly to see these enhancements. 

Others who are interested in seeing more can take our new self-guided tour for a test drive.  

What’s Next for Area 1 Customers? 

This latest product update is just the first of several planned UX/UI enhancements. Additional email security reports, metrics and dashboard enhancements will be rolled out later this year. We also have planned updates for PhishGuard, Triage reports and Triage workflows in the works. 

As always, our goal for our updates and enhancements will be to continue to build the most effective security against today’s phishing attacks. 

Of course, effective security doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We are always ready to listen to our customers and users on what else they’d like to see in our product. If you have any ideas, feedback or suggestions you’d like to share, please reach out to your account team at [email protected]

To see the new dashboard in action and experience that new car smell, please request a Phishing Risk Assessment or Demo.