What’s New with Area 1 Horizon — Fall 2021

The newest Area 1 Horizon™ highlights:

  • Phishing Risk Assessments (PRA) in the Customer Portal
  • Google Message Retraction
  • Post Delivery Response (PDR) and Phish Submission Response (PSR) Updates
  • What’s Next?

What’s New with Area 1 Horizon?

Hello again, Area 1 family! Your friendly neighborhood Product team is here with another installment of the Area 1 Product Update blog. As the weather changes, so does our Horizon product!

Since we’re in the fall months, I thought it would be fitting to discuss the transitions that are happening within the Horizon product (which — by the way — has just been recognized in the latest Gartner Market Guide for Email Security … more on that to come!).

If you recall from our Summer 2021 product update, our key theme was visibility. As we have our sights set on the end of the year, let’s see how our product will look by the time we ring in the New Year.

See what I did there? Puns, I’ve got ‘em…

On to the updates!

New Ways to Access Phishing Risk Assessments

First, let’s begin with highlighting some of the recent features we’ve added to the portal.

We’ve added parent accounts to be able to generate Phishing Risk Assessment (PRA) reports on their child accounts. This gives our customers with large environments (typically, over XX number of email users) the ability to run a solid health check on their sub-domains.

With the PRA reports, email administrators can get an in-depth breakdown of just how effective Horizon has been at getting their organization INBOX.CLEAN™ — free of the threats that cause 95% of breaches. Customers will also see where improvements to the overall mail architecture could be made.

The Evolution of End-to-End Email Threat Protection and Remediation

Last time around we announced Post Delivery Response (PDR). PDR is part of our continuous email security approach, which includes pre-delivery and at-delivery threat protection, to help security teams free up valuable time and resources.

We are happy to report that Area 1’s PDR will be fully live by the end of November.

So for Area 1 customers who have retraction enabled, you will be able to auto retract messages that have been flagged as Post Delivery Response. You can learn more about the benefits of built-in, post-delivery protection (Message Retraction) and the full spectrum of Area 1’s ability to address threats within and beyond the inbox here.

In the spirit of PDR, Phish Submission Response (PSR) will also be live in November. Area 1 Security’s PSR is the auto retraction of submitted phishing messages that have had disposition changes based on the resubmission.

Updates to Post Delivery Response and Phish Submission Response in Area 1 Horizon

What’s Coming Next?

Finally, before the end of 2021, there will also be a whole new way to interact with Area 1 Horizon! We will be launching the biggest functional update to the portal that we’ve ever created. And it is all part of our mission to keep every organization’s inboxes clean and free of threats, 24/7. We can’t wait to show it to you!


Stay tuned next month and see the future!

As usual, if you have any questions or need assistance with any of the new features that we’ve talked about today, reach out to your account team at [email protected]

Additional Area 1 Fun Stuff

As always, if you have any cool ideas or features you’d like to see that we should know about, please reach out to your Area 1 account team. Let your voice be heard! After all, we normally make roughly 400 product updates each quarter — and customers are the most important voice in our Product team. As always, thank you all for your ideas and feedback!

Until next time,

The Area 1 Product Team

Kevin Wilson is a Sr. Product Manager at Area 1 Security. Throughout his 15 year in Cyber Security, Kevin has been an Analyst and Engineer in various organizations such as the U.S Navy, First Data, and Lowe’s. Previously he served as the Global Information Security Officer at Guess? Inc as well as a Product Manager for McAfee.

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