Oh, How I Love Thee — Let Me Count the Ways

It’s your job to protect your hard-won brand against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Winning the war on phishing is vital because it’s the root cause of over 95% of cybercrime. Inboxes are getting messy and dangerous, filled with spam and malicious emails. But, with so many challenges and choices to combat threat actors, how can you be sure you are getting the most effective protection and ensuring users get to INBOX.CLEAN™? Simple. Ask your peers.

Read more to learn what your peers say about working with Area 1 Security.

Customer Ratings Across G2 and Gartner Peer Insights

“From day 1, our experience with the Area 1 team has been easily described as a partnership.”
– Senior IT Specialist, Manufacturing Enterprise.

Thanks to providing the only preemptive, cloud-native security platform, our Area 1 Horizon solution protects more inboxes for mid-size and Fortune 500 companies across banking, insurance, retail, and manufacturing than any other cloud email security solution.

In partnership with forward-thinking customers and partners, Area 1’s product/engineering, security, and customer success teams have:

  • Stopped more than half a billion in direct potential losses for customers (as of the time of this writing!) Earned 4.5 out of 5 stars across top review sites
  • Won the G2 High Performer badge in three separate categories, including Cloud Email Security, Email Anti-Spam, and Secure Email Gateways
  • Achieved a 98% customer satisfaction score
  • Been consistently rated above industry standard for anti-phishing, advanced threat protection, and email integration support

Area 1 Security provides a 99.99% detection efficacy, preemptive email security solution that delivers high availability and massive scalability, and is incredibly easy to set up.

“Area 1 Horizon is a Game Changer”, declares a Head of Information Security in Finance.

10 Reasons To Choose Area 1 Security

Why do cybersecurity leaders choose Area 1 Security? How do security leaders keep their inboxes safe and clean from malicious emails? Below are 10 key reasons top cybersecurity leaders choose Area 1 to help get their organizations to INBOX.CLEAN.

“Area 1 Horizon met all of our requirements, even exceeding our requirements, at a very reasonable price.”

– Head of Information Security, Financial Services Enterprise

  1. Industry-leading anti-phishing – detect threats in the wild as they’re being built – on average 24 days earlier than other solutions
  2. Cloud-native functionality and performance – with a 99.997% detection efficacy and a 99.95% scalability uptime
  3. Performance-based accountability – with a unique Pay-per-Phish business model and zero hidden costs/li>
  4. Product roadmap and future vision – including the largest footprint in cloud email security with more than 10M+ end-users protected
  5. Strong customer focus – with a more than 98% customer satisfaction score and highly engaged customer advocates
  6. Service level assurances – Industry-leading service resilience, as well as multi-cloud, multi-region, geo-diverse capabilities
  7. Continuous improvements with nothing to tune – no-installation-required continuous product improvements and innovation
  8. Internal and operational efficiencies – SOC teams spend 90% less time on phishing incident and response
  9. Cost management – reduce email security Total Cost of Ownership by 30% compared to traditional SEGs
  10. Innovation – with more than 20 patents granted and founders from the NSA and USCYBERCOM

“You won’t regret integrating Area 1 into your mail stream. Basically set-it-and-forget-it…”

– Lead Messaging Engineer, Financial Services (Mid-Market)

Checklist For Email Security Vendors

We’ve seen firsthand what happens with one wrong email click or keystroke. Phishing disrupts critical infrastructure. It undermines national security. It costs businesses of all sizes millions of dollars.

So, whether you choose Area 1 Horizon or another email security solution, we are in this fight against phish together.

Use the checklist below to ensure you are getting the most effective email security solution:

  • Preemption. Does the email security vendor detect threats before it is launched?

  • Integrated and automated prevention, detection, and response capabilities. Does the email security vendor provide an automatic, instant, and time-savings way for your SOC teams to remediate email attacks?

  • Contextual analysis. Does the vendor offer an accurate assessment of language, tone, and sentiment used in a message?

  • Fraud protection. Does the vendor go beyond single message analysis and assess variations within the entire message thread?

  • Partner social graph. Does the vendor map your complex communication web to identify threats from employees, executives, and compromised vendors and suppliers?

View the infographic to learn more about why your peers chose Area 1 Security as their trusted email security provider.